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Zookymoon is the story of Dan Mathews’s travels from Tupelo, Mississippi, to the Arctic Circle, Mexico, Central America, and South America. While on these trips not only do I tell his route, I also interject with stories from his life. I tell about how he came to love motorcycles, parachuting out of airplanes, as well as crashing airplanes, his time in the army during Vietnam, growing up on his grandfather’s farm, being at Ole Miss when James Meredith arrived on campus, along with many other stories.


About Jacquelyn C. Allen

I am thirty-one years old with a degree in history from the University of Southern Mississippi and a master’s degree in history from Mississippi State University. I live in Tupelo, Mississippi.



I have always loved adventure. I was built for it. I know there have been a lot of people who have made that statement before. Some of ’em were speakin’ the truth, while others were just tryin’ to pick up some girls so they could…well, you know, for the night. But lucky for me, I don’t have to come up with such a line to pick up girls; all I have to do is take my place out by the curb, and women and men come to me.


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